Mt. Sinai Hospital

Chicago Avenue between 22nd and 24th Streets.

Where Prince was born

Opened in 1951 by members of Minneapolis’s Jewish community, this hospital provided Jewish doctors and nurses with the opportunity for employment in a city that was known for anti-Semitism. Mt. Sinai welcomed Jewish medical professionals as well as African Americans. People of color faced intense employment discrimination in Minneapolis, even though the city liked to imagine itself as “a citadel of Civil Rights.”

Mattie Shaw and John Nelson met at the Phyllis Wheatley Center in the mid-1950s. John's group, the Prince Rogers’ Trio, performed there regularly, and Mattie eventually became the group’s singer. 

The couple married in August 1957, and Mattie gave birth to Prince Rogers Nelson here on June 7, 1958. The family, including Prince's older half-brother Alfred Jackson Jr., lived in Apartment #203 at 2201 Fifth Avenue South in Minneapolis.


Mount Sinai Hospital, 1950s.

Mount Sinai Hospital, 1950s.

Prince was born here on June 7, 1958, to John and Mattie (Shaw) Nelson. | Source: Photo credit: Nathan and Theresa Berman Upper Midwest Jewish Archives, University of Minnesota Libraries, Minneapolis, MN. View File Details Page

The Prince Rogers�™ Trio, Minneapolis, late 1940s.

The Prince Rogers™ Trio, Minneapolis, late 1940s.

John Lewis Nelson, Prince™s father, is at left. Prince™s mother, Mattie Shaw, joined the group in the 1950s as the lead singer. Photographer John Glanton documented the African-American community in Minnesota in the 1940s. For more images from the Glanton collection see Double Exposure (Minnesota Historical Society Press, 2018). | Source: Photo credit: the children of John Glanton and the Hennepin County Library, Minneapolis, MN. View File Details Page

Neighborhood dance at Phyllis Wheatley House in the 1940s at 809 Aldrich Avenue North

Neighborhood dance at Phyllis Wheatley House in the 1940s at 809 Aldrich Avenue North

The facility was an important community center on the Northside. It was demolished for the construction of I-94 in 1970, and a new building was built nearby at 10th Avenue North and Emerson Avenue North. Prince™s parents, John Nelson and Mattie Shaw, met at the Aldrich Building in the late 1950s. John™s group, The Prince Rogers™ Trio, performed here in the 1950s, with Mattie as the lead singer. | Source: Photo credit: Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, MN. View File Details Page

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Chicago Avenue between 22nd and 24th Streets. [map]

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