The Anderson and Jackson houses

1244 and 1248 Russell Avenue North

Where Prince found a home that allowed him to make music round the clock

Prince spent his last year of high school (1975-1976) living at Bernadette Anderson’s home at 1244 Russell Avenue North. Anderson was the mother of the musician later known as André Cymone. She supported the musical aspirations of her children and she welcomed Prince and his music making into her lively household. Terry Jackson lived next door.

The Anderson and Jackson houses became the hub for Grand Central. The band featured Prince on guitar, Charles “Chazz” Smith on drums, André Cymone on bass, André’s sister Linda on keyboards as well as Terry Jackson and William “Hollywood” Doughty (who nearby lived at 800 Penn Avenue North) on percussion. Morris Day would later replace Charles on drums.

Sometimes the group set up on the back patio at Terry’s house. Neighborhood kids would come to listen and dance in the alley. The band covered popular hits, as well as original pieces by Prince and André. Grand Central’s reputation grew through local Battle of the Bands competitions.