Moon Sound Studio

4937 South 28th Avenue

Where Prince learns his way around a music studio

In early 1976, Prince cut demo tapes here with his friends and bandmates André Cymone and Morris Day. Studio owner and part-time music producer Chris Moon recognized Prince’s talent. He helped the young musician better understand record producing, song writing, and sound engineering. Moon gave Prince a set of keys to this studio, and the one he moved to in late 1976 at 2828 Dupont Avenue South (demolished). Moon would leave song lyrics out for Prince, who would come after school and produce, arrange, compose, and record songs based on those lyrics. Moon later claimed that he convinced the musician to use only his first name in his professional ventures. He and Prince co-wrote a song on Prince’s first album For You, “Soft and Wet.”


Former Moon Sound Studio, 2018.

Former Moon Sound Studio, 2018.

Moon Sound Studio. Prince worked with owner Chris Moon here in the first half of 1976, before the studio moved to Dupont Avenue (which was later demolished). | Source: Photo credit: Kristen Zschomler, 2018. | Creator: Kristen Zschomler View File Details Page

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4937 South 28th Avenue [map]

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