Where Prince did his first demo tape

Built in 1970, Sound 80 Studio attracted artists as varied as Bob Dylan, Lipps, Inc., the Suicide Commandos, and Cat Stevens to record in their state-of-the-art studio. During the early months of 1977, the relatively-unknown Prince took a turn at the controls, “getting hip to the Polymoogs” and LinnDrum machines the studio provided. Described by the Minnesota Daily as a “multi-talented prodigy from North Minneapolis” who remained “the best kept musical secret in the city of Minneapolis,” Prince began his quest for international fame here. Over several months, he recorded five songs that became his demo tape for major record labels. The tracks, on which Prince did all the vocals and played all the instruments, proved so impressive that he soon garnered a contract with Warner Bros.

Sound 80 closed in the early 1980s.



2709 East 25th Street