Prince’s residence and studio

680 North Arm Drive, Orono

Where Prince conceived "Dirty Mind"

Located on the shores of Lake Minnetonka, a location famously referred to in his debut movie Purple Rain (1984), Prince rented this property between 1979 and early 1981. The house in this bucolic suburb birthed what one critic called Prince's “creation song”—Dirty Mind (1980). The album, arguably the first full-length album to fully capture all the elements of what became known as the “Minneapolis Sound,” was conceived, written, and recorded here. Rolling Stone noted that on Dirty Mind, "Prince’s sly wit — intentionally coarse — amounts to nothing less than an early, prescient call to arms against the elitist puritanism of the Reagan era.”

The house was demolished in 1982 after a fire, and a new building built on its foundations.



680 North Arm Drive, Orono