Prince’s residence and studio

9401 Kiowa Trail, Chanhassen

Where Prince recorded Controversy, 1999 and Sign O' The Times

This location served as Prince's primary artistic headquarters for a critical period in the 1980s. In 1981, he purchased the house and the adjacent lot for privacy, repainted the two-story ranch home purple, and transformed the building into his residence and recording studio.

Prince recorded Controversy and 1999, here, as well as portions of Sign O' The Times. Prince's side projects, including Morris Day and The Time, Vanity 6, and Apollonia 6, also recorded albums here.

Prince moved out in 1985. His father, John Nelson, lived here until his death in 2001. Prince had the building demolished in 2003.


Site of former Kiowa Trail home and studio, 2018

Site of former Kiowa Trail home and studio, 2018

Site of former Kiowa Trail home and studio. These custom gates are all that remains from Prince™s time at this address (1981-1985). | Source: Photo credit: Dom Puglisi, Diamonds and Pearls Photography, 2018. | Creator: Dom Puglisi. View File Details Page

Street Address:

9401 Kiowa Trail, Chanhassen [map]

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